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Adtrek HD | F.A.Q
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Do I work for AdTrekHD? 

No, You are an independent contractor, you work for yourself


Will this interfere with my rideshare driving?

No. You can operate as usual.


Do I have to get permission from Uber or Lyft?

No. You don’t work for Uber or Lyft, you work with Uber and Lyft as an independent contractor they have no say so about what you do with your vehicle to generate additional income.


Do I have to be a rideshare driver?

No. If you have a vehicle that meets our requirements you can get a billboard.


Will the board cause any damage to my vehicle?

No. It is placed and secured on racks and is stationary during the campaign.


Can I remove the billboard whenever I want?

No, the board will be removed by AdTrek HD at the end of the term for which you sign up for. In any case, you must contact us at service.adtrekhd@gmail.com for removal.


Can I remove it at the end of the day?

No.The billboard must remain attached until the end of the campaign.


What if I damage the billboard?

You are responsible for any damage as a result of handling the billboard and you will be billed accordingly. For any removal or technical repairs contact AdTrek HD at service.adtrekhd.com.


How do I get paid and how much?

Payments are generated on a monthly basis and will be deposited in your bank account. Fees are determined by mileage, time and impressions


Who owns the billboard?

The billboards are the property of AdTrekHD.


Can I own my own billboard?